Wendy Hayes- Revive Ministries


Wendy Hayes - 

We were blessed to have Wendy return with Eliza and Anne and share further on her own ministry experiences, answer questions and also demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of the "Immanuel Approach" that allows the Lord to bring His truth, love and grace into the area of struggle.

There were significant prophetic directions/warnings/encouragements from the accompanying prayer team to the CCNV group as a whole, but also opportunity for personal ministry which provided impartation and encouragement to all who were able to remain.

It was also evident that Wendy's gentle and great patience in her client relationships encourages breakthrough in denial scenarios where the client may be stuck.  

CCNV is encouraged with Wendy's input and heart to network across the body of Christ for mutual sharing of one another's gifts and graces for the building up and strengthening of His people in being more effective for the reaching out and setting others free.  

The November 2017 meeting Wendy previously shared strategies (DVD clip) taught by Father Andrew Miller, the founder of HeartSync Ministries in resolving dissociation and trauma found in those with severe abuse backgrounds but seeing same dynamics outworked in the broader community... and the body of Christ seeking greater wholeness, especially those involved in ministry with their own healing journey.

CCNV also appreciates the need for us as a networking body of believers to be actively supporting one another on this journey and we are privileged again to avail ourselves of Wendy's Prayer Team Ministry also on this day as she shares with us.

Please be encouraged to join us and spread the word.