CCNV has a resource library that is available at our regular workshops/training days, and on these days a valuable opportunity is given to network with seasoned counselors, pastors, intercessors, health care professionals, family carers etc.

We will continue to put up more info regarding recommended library resources... including useful website links etc.

Recently suggested websites

Wendy Hayes (Revive Ministries)

HeartSync Ministries


*Highly recommended in facilitating the connection between the client and the Lord in the healing and restoration process of the soul (divided heart etc.) Especially valuable with dissociation issues, cosmic attachments etc.

These are held at different times of the year- check out website for any coming up and more info.

Michael Schaefer

[email protected]

Phone 0415 960 037


The Mind-Body Connection: Free Resources

NICABM’s mission is to change the way medicine is practiced by incorporating new research findings and new clinical applications into health and mental health practices. As we’ve researched material for our many teleseminar and distance learning courses, we’ve come across amazing new finds in areas like brain science, PTSD, mindfulness, and mind/body medicine. Some of these resources were too good to keep to ourselves, so we make them available to you free of charge.

Use them to benefit your own health and the health of those around you.

How Mindfulness Can Break the Cycle of Fear and AngerClick Here to see how Jack Kornfield discusses how the power of mindfulness can help free us from fear.

What Resets Our Nervous System After Trauma?Click Here to get access to the free report and read about what resets our nervous system after trauma, by Peter Levine, PhD.

How Love Rewires the BrainClick Here to read about the comprehensive approach for how love rewires the brain (and other romantic secrets of brain chemistry) by Norman Doidge, MD, PhD, Joan Borysenko, PhD & Bill O’Hanlon, MS, LMFT.

How to Introduce Mindfulness to Patients with Diverse Beliefs and BackgroundsClick Here to get access to the free report and learn how how to introduce mindfulness to patients with diverse beliefs and backgrounds, by Ronald Siegel, PsyD.