IMMANUEL APPROACH (updated info October 27th 2019)

You are invited to consider joining any upcoming Immanuel Skills Development Group...

Greetings. Trusting your gentle journeys' with Immanuel are continuing to unfold.

Wanted to let you know about some upcoming training groups I'm launching in case you had someone you wanted to let know about one or may even be interested one yourself.

I'm starting three Basic Skills Development groups and one Intermediate Group.

Here is the link to the basic ones with the details: Basic Immanuel Skills Development Training Group

For those who have not done the initial six session training, the content and how it works is explained there.

The Intermediate Skills Development Group is ideally for those who have done the basic training and had the chance to practice a fair bit, yet now want to learn how to deal with greater complexity. 

  • The group focuses on ministering in triads as the basic one does.
  • As we keep each other safe deeper levels of wounding emerge along with long held defense mechanisms.
  • This group helps participants to work with whatever their peer is presenting in a safe way along with validating a person's defense mechanisms so they can work constructively with Jesus about how to move forward.
  • It is a chance to; get further feedback on your ministry, observe others and be part of their learning journey, and of course to receive ministry yourself.
  • Here is the link with times and further details: Intermediate Group.

Feel free to contact me if you are wondering about your suitability to either group.



Michael Schaefer Founder

Immanuel Focused Training

p: +61 415 960 037

In Approaching Immanuel participants will experience some of:

  • Experience being led through the processes taught or
  • Observe peers leading others through the processes taught
  • See essential skills modeled
  • See how to debrief the experience of peers as they practice these skills
  • Have questions answered which may include a brief conceptual overview of the brain science being drawn upon in this process
  • Meet other Immanuel seekers

Additional Description: 

The skills and processes taught in this training are grounded in the theory of the Immanuel Approach for emotional healing developed by Dr Karl Lehman and Dr E James Wilder.

They are a combination of what worked from earlier Christian inner healing approaches and what we now know about the brain from far reaching scholars such as Dr Allan Schore, Dr Daniel Siegel and others.

They are important for effective pastoral care, prayer ministry and therapeutic models such as Immanuel Focused Therapy, and for expanding the possibilities in prayer times with friends or small groups.

This training will benefit all who want simple yet effective practices to engage their brain’s relational circuits, increase their sense of peace, and establish an interactive awareness of God’s presence.

About The Trainers

Michael Schaefer: Michael is a Professional Counsellor and trainer based in Brisbane, Australia with over two decades of experience in integrating inner healing and counselling/therapy. He is trained in a wide range of approaches and has an ability to see how different models connect and complement each other. Michael has a gift for creating training that is carefully designed to build layer upon layer with a balance between teaching and practice. Participants in Michael’s courses enjoy his relational style, and the way he brings out the strengths in each person.

Andy Ross LCPC: Andy Ross is a Professional Counselor in Illinois. He was trained directly by Dr. Karl Lehman the primary developer of the Immanuel Approach. Andy has facilitated well over a thousand Immanuel sessions since starting in 2007 and has lead or co-lead nearly a dozen training events both in the US and in Kenya. In his professional work Andy also incorporates a variety of other approaches including EMDR and attachment informed approaches.

More information check out Andy Ross' website