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  • HeartSync Ministry focuses on the primary mission statement of Christ to heal the brokenhearted, whereby Christ gives us singleness of heart and action to the end that we are then able to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind. 
  • HeartSync Ministry does this by intentionally synchronizing the most core parts of our heart to the Lord in a short period of time. www.heartsyncministries.org
  • Founder of HeartSync, Father Andrew Miller (LCSW) has practiced as a professional individual, marriage and family therapist for the past twenty years. The bulk of his practice is focused on resolving dissociation and trauma in those with severe abuse backgrounds by actively incorporating biblical healing principles.
  • Insights from neuroscience research on the effects of trauma on the brain, combined with Holy Spirit kingdom counselling principles for the restoration of the soul, are brought together for a professional, yet spiritually sensitive & gentle approach to the healing process.   

THE BIRTH OF HEARTSYNC MINISTRY Inner healing through synchronizing broken and divided hearts.

by Dr. Scott Flanagan

Father Andrew Miller, LCSW has developed a unique and exciting new approach to inner healing called HeartSync Ministry (HSM). Those of us who have watched the evolution and development of his approach over the past 15 plus years have done so with growing excitement. In the last five years, his Healing the Broken Hearted approach has taken a major leap forward, eventually evolving into HeartSync Ministry. 

  • Beyond the original principles found in his Healing the Broken Hearted approach, Andrew Miller has discovered some unique keys that are yielding powerful, incredible results.
  • Andrew Miller’s work began in the mid 1990’s with the recognition that brokenness and dividedness existed in the heart, soul and mind of those who had experienced various levels of trauma. It was clear that there was a part of the heart and mind that had to be in denial of tramautic pain in order to do the normal functioning of life. There also was a part of the heart and mind that held the painful events and beliefs. From this Andy developed the Healing the Broken Hearted (HBH) model.
  • Andy teaches that the mind’s pain dynamics fall somewhere on a continuum of dissociation. This continuum demonstrates a progression of painful intensity, beginning with simple painful memories, ego states, DID (with alter personalities) and at the extreme, DID with satanic ritual abuse. It was also clear that there was a part of the heart that stood between the need to maintain denial so that one could function and the part of the heart where painful dynamics existed.
  • Early tenants of the HBH model which are still critical to the overall HSM process included the use of a form of biblical reconciliation between the functioning self and the presenting pain dynamic, praying for the rapid release of pain and trauma, replacing false beliefs with God’s truth, and any necessary deliverance, and Holy Spirit refreshing.
  • Andy perceives all of this interaction and ministry as happening in a place where the various dynamics move forward into the center of consciousness or place of awareness–what he calls “center stage.” Andy spends time building relationship with the presenting pain dynamic, always being careful to engage the will of that dynamic. He then would introduce him or her to Jesus, and relationally resolve conflicts between the functioning host and the presenting pain dynamic using discussion and a script for biblical reconciliation. 

An important part of this relational process was to use some form of truth based ministry to address the false beliefs being held by the presenting dynamics.

Prayers for the release of pain and trauma would generally follow the reconciliation, although this procedure can be used at any time during the ministry when overwhelming pain and trauma is blocking progression of the process.

  • A description of this overall process was authored by Andy and can be read in the appendix of Kathi Oates’ book, Open My Heart Lord.
  • As you can see, there are many elements to Andy’s Heart Sync model, but one of the most intriguing is the inclusion of his work with primary parts.
  • In 2000, Andy heard Dr. Tom Hawkins present the concept of a kind of dividedness different from that evidenced in alter personalities and which existed closer to the core identity of his ritual abuse clients.
  • This fit with what Andy was observing in his own work with ritual abuse survivors and correlated well with the HBH model as it existed at that time.
  • Dr. Hawkins eventually began to describe this dividedness as the dissociation of what he calls the Original Self.
  • Hawkins defines the Original Self as the heart or essence of the self-who came into being at conception and who has the capacity to connect most strongly with God and others.
  • This dividedness was different from the more pronounced dissociation that was occurring with alter personalities. 

After receiving input from Dr. James Wilder concerning the neurobiology of the brain, Hawkins now calls this core form of dividedness in relation to the Original Self, “desynchronization.” 

  • Hawkins eventually adopted the term “Primary” to describe the more core parts of the self. In spite of seeming very much like the “heart” of the person, these core parts can evidence very different views of reality, which are nearly as radically different as those demonstrated by alter personalities. Hawkins now uses the general designation of “Primary Parts” to refer to all the desynchronized aspects of the Original Self.
  • Of the primary parts, there are three “Primary Identities” that are most likely to be found first because they operate closest to current life. These are the Denial Identity, Confusion Identity, and Pain Identity.
  • Miller has renamed these Function Identity, Guardian Identity and Emotion Identity, as these terms seem to work better in his work with the more general population. 
  • The Function/Denial Identity believes that knowing certain information about one’s history is incompatible with survival and functioning.
  • The Emotion/Pain Identity is most closely connected to the pain, depression and in the case of ritual abuse, cult loyalty.
  • The Guardian/Confusion Identity believes that Function and Pain Identities must be kept apart or the Function Identity would be too overwhelmed to function. Therefore, Guardian Identity is devoted to keeping them apart.

In Tom’s conceptualization, the function/denial identity believes that my abusive parent or care giver is good and I can attach to him, while the emotion/pain identity believes that my parent is evil and may kill me. The guardian/confusion identity stands between denial and pain and ensures that denial remains shielded from the truth. It is the total incompatibility between the belief systems of the Function and Emotion Identities and the need for the conscious mind of the child not to know that keeps the guardian identity in place.

Andrew Miller has borrowed Tom Hawkins concept of primary identities and added two crucial innovations:

1. Realizing the Universal Existence of Primary Identities:

Based on feedback provided by some of the prayer ministers at Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministries, in 2006 Andy began to suspect that the core separation that was exhibited with primary identities in his DID-SRA patients might also be present in other populations. Andy slowly began to test this out with the more general population of his clients. As he became more proficient at engaging primary identities, he was increasingly convinced that many others besides the DID/SRA population exhibit the presence of the three primary identities.

By 2008, Andy was overwhelmingly convinced that primary identities are universal to all populations. This means that we all have the existence of primary identities at our core being. With this understanding, it was clear that the most pressing issue became learning how to work more effectively with primary identities in the general population of people.

2. Intentionally Synchronizing Primary Identities to God and Each Other:

In April of 2008, Andy attended the Net Institute Conference in Orlando, Florida where Ed Khouri was introducing “Restarting.” The brain science information was not completely new as the leadership team at Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministries had been doing a group around The Life Model and other related materials by Jim Wilder. However, he was struck with how this information directly correlated to the various personality dynamics that he was working with in the HBH model. 

God had brought all the pieces of the HBH model, Primary Identities, and brain science together in one place.

  • During a portion of Ed Khouri’s presentation on brain synchronization, the Lord spoke to Andy and said, “Andy, I want you to make sure to synchronize the Primary Identities to me and to each other.” He went home and did just that and thus, HeartSync Ministry was birthed.
  • Initially he did this with roughly the next eighty clients with whom it was appropriate to do so. Since that time, Andy has done a couple thousand of these intentional synchronizations—first synchronizing them to God and then to each other.
  • At first, Andy simply initiated a God-connection with whichever primary identity was comfortable doing so—just as he had been doing with the primary identities of his DID-SRA clients for a couple of years. With the inclusion of the Life Model/ Restarting groups as one of the core offerings at Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministries, he now uses Immanuel Approach Ministry to initiate synchronization of the primary identities to God.
  • Andy was astonished by the patterns that began to emerge as the number of synchronizations reached into the hundreds. The results of his informal research further supported the results that he observed in the first eighty recipients. In a nutshell, Andy found that close to 90% of the time, his clients from a very mainstream Christian population were first and best able to synchronize with God through their Function/Denial Identity.
  • In addition, he was astounded to see that about the same percentage (roughly 90%) of Guardian and Emotion/ Pain Identities were not on good terms with God at all—and this also with an almost exclusively Christian clientele!
  • This greatly surprised him as these same identities had been allowing him access to do healing work with the DID alter personalities for years. It seems that without intentionally calling these identities into relationship with God, they will remain in the shadows, performing their respective functions in a fallen state and nature for an entire lifetime.
  • By virtue of God’s leading and instruction, Andy discovered that the key to healing is not just synchronization among the primary identities and the related pain dynamics, but very purposefully synchronizing each of the primary identities with the Lord first, then with each other. When the primary identities synchronize with the Lord, it is much easier for the identities to then become synchronized with one another. This begins to create a unified self in the image of the Lord. In the new regenerated internal environment, it is then safe for the original self or spirit man to come forward.
  • It is most interesting to learn that Andy has found that when synchronization with God and the Original Self is achieved, roughly 30-40% of his clients find themselves having incredibly strong spiritual experiences such as visions, visitations from the Lord, and having their eyes opened to perceive angels and other heavenly interactions. When the tares of the soul are removed and the traumas resolved, the spiritual realm opens up to us and we are able to perceive God more clearly through an undivided heart.
  • The background for Andy’s HeartSync model is his many years of working as a therapist, with much of his work focused on DID/SRA clients. The first expression of this model in print was a 50 page appendix in Kathi Oates’ book Open My Heart Lord, coauthored with Dr. Scott Flanagan in 2006.
  • Following the publication of the book, the Oates Ministry began to do roughly one large conference a year. This gave Andy the opportunity to develop and present his model to audiences as well as do one live demonstration at each conference. Following the success of these conferences, the Oates began to add 2-3 smaller conferences in Moravian Falls in which Andy had further opportunities to teach and do live demonstrations.
  • From the beginning the live demonstrations were amazing. This exposure brought more out-of-town clients, a telephone ministry, and a following. Finally in February of 2010, Andy offered his first stand alone five day conference on the HeartSync model, doing teachings and two live demonstrations a day. Since then he has offered the HeartSync Intensive training nearly every month in many other states and locations.
  • Andy and I (Scott) have agreed to begin working on developing training material to help others replicate his approach and get the results he is getting. When people watch Andy’s live demonstrations, their first reaction is “Wow, he is incredibly gifted.” Generally the second thought is something along the line of “I could never do that” or “I wouldn’t know where to begin to try to replicate that.”
  • Andy has received a number of confirming words from the Lord, essentially commanding him and commissioning him to prepare the necessary materials to teach and train others in the HeartSync Ministry method.

The HeartSync Ministry training conferences consist of a combination of teaching on the aforementioned topics as well as daily demonstrations of how to implement these same principles. Topics included in the current training are:

· How to identify and interact with Primary Identities

· How to intentionally synchronize Primary Identities to the Lord using Immanuel Approach Ministry

· How to work with other pain dynamics (painful memories, ego states and alter


· How to use biblical reconciliation in working with Primary Identities and other pain


· How to work through conflicts inhibiting connection to God

· How to pray for the rapid release of pain and trauma

· How to deal correctly with spiritual dynamics during a HeartSync session